Barakat Industrial Park Of Basra Iraq


Business In The Park


New Project

  Barakat Ice Making And Packaging Plant

  Barekat Assembled Homes And Offices

  Barakat Portable Homes And Offices

  Barakat Mini Storage and Cold Stora

  Barakat PVC Water Pipes Manufacturingring


   Barakat Cement Plant

   Barakat Concrete Plant

   Barakat Concrete Block

   Barakat Metal Building System

   Barakat Metal Building Component

   Barakat Coil And Steel Supplier

   Barakat Metal Management Company

   Barakat Real Estate Holding

   Barakat Metal Building Trucking

   Barakat Knitting Company

   Barakat Dye House

   Barakat Apparel And Garment

   Barakat House Hold Plastic Injections

   Barakat Water Bottle Plant

   Barakat Razor Blades

   Barakat Paper Products


Wholesale And Distribution:

   Barakat Wholesale Warehouses

   Barakat Wholesale Produce And Fruits

   Barakat Wholesale Merchandise

   Barakat Wholesale Electronics

   Barakat Freezer Cold Storage



  Barakat Single Family Homes

   Barakat Condominiums

   Barakat Rental Apartments


Real Estate Properties

   Barakat Hotel

   Barakat Office Building

   Barakat Medical Building


Health care

   Barakat Health Care

   Barakat Emergency Room

   Barakat Out Patient

   Barakat Diagnostic MRI Cat Scan XRay

   Barakat Dialysis

   Barakat Heart And Vascular

   Barakat Oncology

   Barakat Maternity

   Barakat Orthopedic

   Barakat Rehabilitation Center



   Barakat Power Plant

   Barakat Water Desensitization

   Barakat Refrigerated Truck Terminal

   Barakat Armored Security Services



   Barakat Hydroponics


Retail Shopping Center:

   Barakat Discount store

   Barakat dollar Store

   Barakat Super Market

   Barakat Donut Store

   Barakat Consumer Electronic Store

   Barakat Gift Store

   Barakat Jewelry Store

   Barakat Sporting Goods

   Barakat Clothing Store

   Barakat Sportswear

   Barakat Furniture Store

   Barakat Shoe Store

   Barakat Drug Store

   Barakat Luggage Store

   Barakat Hand Bag Store

   Barakat Bed And Bath

   Barakat Stationery Store

   Barakat Book store

   Barakat Hardware Store

   Barakat Barber Shop

   Barakat Hair Salon

   Barakat Bridal

   Barakat House ware And Kitchenware

   Barakat Party Supplies



   Barakat Iraqi Restaurant

   Barakat International Restaurantrt

   Barakat Mediterranean Restaurant

   Barakat Italian Restaurant

   Barakat American Restaurant

   Barakat French Restaurant

   Barakat Indian Restaurant

   Barakat Greek Restaurant

   Barakat Mexican Restaurant

   Barakat Chinese Restaurant


Food Court: 

   Barakat Hamburger

   Barakat Pizza

   Barakat Hot Dog

   Barakat Sandwich And Wraps

   Barakat Teriyaki Chicken

   Barakat Rotisserie Chicken

   Barakat Chinese

   Barakat Salad Bar



   Barakat School

   Barakat Play Ground

   Barakat Day Care Center

   Barakat Security

   Barakat Fire Department



   lay Out

   Barakat Park Books



Barakat Industrial Park Of Basra Iraq 

Barakat Park

The Barakat Park is the beginning of a new era for Iraq. Iraq was once a place of war and violence. Devastation was brought to their homes and anger ran through their streets. A country that sits on copious amounts of resources failed to rise above poverty lines. Of all the people in search of jobs in Iraq, only 50% were able to find a stable occupation.

But now, after the United States helped pull the country out of their misfortunes, Iraq is looking forward. The Iraqi people have progressed tremendously in terms of their government interests and democratic understanding. They are now in search of improving their state of living by creating a stable society, not only in Iraq but also within their entire region. The biggest source of stability within a nation comes from a sound economic surrounding. The efforts put forth by the Iraqi people grow exponentially, and with those efforts the economy can only grow upwards. Not to mention the profits Iraq has from its extensive amounts of oil, which are also pouring directly into their economy. It is said that the production of oil in Iraq will be exceeding those of Saudi Arabia. But, a healthy economy no longer is comprised of doing business within the country. The fastest booming economies come from those who engage in international trade. As a result of these findings, other countries have taken interest in Iraq’s plentiful investment opportunities.

As of August 2010 there are $100 Billion worth of investment projects producing economic and social stability to this reincarnating country. In April 2010 Italy finalized a $4.6 Billionproject to build the biggest port Iraq has ever had. The port will be located in Fao, and will be the first major form of infrastructure in over three decades. With such a useful port put into operation, Iraq has the ability to become the center of the Middle East’s importation and exportation of commodities. This port is only the beginning of an impressive image outside countries have for Iraq, France is also engaging in investment opportunities in Iraq.In July 2010France signed a contract to build a power plant and renovate an already existing plant for an estimated $2 Billion. With a stable electric power source the people not only have the electricity to run air through their homes during scorching hot summers and trust their refrigeration systems, but also, companies have the proper resources to light office building and work facilities for long hours.

Still, Italy and France merely scrape the surface of opportunity in Iraq. American companies have also drawn great interest in revitalizing the country due to the everlasting occasions to partake in investments. Americans are supporting all forms of successful businesses in Iraq, from restaurants to metal manufacturers; and each corporation is making more money than the last. The Barakat Park, located in the center of Basar Iraq, will be the ultimate form of a healthy society, and is designed with sincere purpose to create an established economy. The services Barakat has to offer start with a clean source of water and power followed by health care for the people. With the proper health care services the Iraqi people will have the resources to stay healthy longer and even raise the rate of life expectancy in their country. There are designs for a residential sector, which include a day care and a school fitted with a proper educational system. There will be a state of the art hospital, office buildings with food courts, a shopping center with restaurants, retail stores including a super market, and manufacturing companies to supply all the needs of Iraq and their surrounding countries. The factories range from metal to textile to household plastics and will include wholesale distribution of general merchandise to all countries interested in engaging in business, near or far. Establishing such a magnificent form of infrastructure in Iraq would require room for businessmen /women, tourists, and guests to enjoy its facilities as well. With that in mind, accommodations have been made to build Barakat Park with a luxurious hotel for visitors from any country to take pleasure in.

The Barakat Park is more than just a form of investment for Americans it is a form of sanctuary for Iraqis. Barakat will bring jobs for thousands of people; it will provide homes, education and a healthy social environment that doesn't’t include the violence of its past. The prospects Barakat has for the people of Iraq surpass any level of expectation. It will raise standards of living and provide a healthy and happy lifestyle. The Barakat Park will bring more than a prosperous economy it will bring a form of safety for the Iraqi people and future generations to come. Their children will no longer be deprived of having a respected education, a healthy heart, and a long lasting career.

Americans can full heartedly participate in building this monumental park and enjoy the great monetary returns it has to offer. With such a rapidly booming economy, risks lie low and opportunities are all around. The money flowing into the country at such an early stage of development demonstrates how additional companies can benefit from the prosperity Iraq has in its future. Barakat Park.