Barakat Industrial Park Of Basra Iraq


About Us

We are a group of businesses with many years of experience in our related fields who have formed a joint venture with local citizens to improve trade and industry between the United States and Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Barakat Park, located in the of Basra Iraq, will be the ultimate form of a healthy society, and is designed with sincere purpose to create an established economy and jobs. The services Barakat Park has to offer start with a clean source of water and power followed by health care for the people. There are designs for a residential sector, which include a day care and a school fitted with a proper educational system. There will be a state of the art hospital, office buildings with food courts, a shopping center with restaurants, retail stores including a super market, and manufacturing companies to supply all the needs of Iraq and their surrounding countries. The factories range from metal to textile to household plastics and will include wholesale distribution of general merchandise to all countries interested in engaging in business, near or far. Establishing such a magnificent form of infrastructure in Iraq would require room for businessmen, tourists, and guests to enjoy its facilities as well. With that in mind, accommodations have been made to build Barakat Park with a luxurious hotel for visitors from any country to take pleasure in.

The Barakat Park is more than just a form of investment for Americans it is a form of sanctuary for Iraqis. Barakat will bring jobs for thousands of people; it will provide homes, education and a healthy social environment that does not include the violence of its past. It will bring a form of safety for the Iraqi people and future generations to come.

Americans can full heartedly participate in building this monumental park and enjoy the great monetary returns it has to offer. With such a rapidly booming economy, risks lie low and opportunities high. The money flowing into the country at such an early stage of development demonstrates how additional companies can benefit from the prosperity Iraq has in its future. Barakat Park.