Barakat Industrial Park Of Basra Iraq



    Barakat Park Armored Security Service


• 8.1L Vortec Gas Engine

• 4-SPD Auto Trans

• Electronic 4 Wheel Drive ; 4.1 Limited Slip Rear End



• Black

• OEM Bumpers Wheel Flares; Polished Aluminum Rims; Power Mirrors; Tinted Windows



• Color: OEM finish.

• Vinyl Gray Interior Seats; AM/FM/CD/Cassette Radio; Clock; Smoker's Package



• Suspension Auto ride Package

• Brakes: Replace to 3500 HD Break upgrade

• Upgrade coil/leaf springs & Sway Torsion Bar

• Upgraded shock absorbers

• Set of (5) five Run-Flat Tire Inserts to Include Spare Tire

• LT245/75RX16E Owl All Terrain Tires

• Trailering Package 4x4


Armoring Specifications

• Armoring Package is rated at NIJ3 (CEN B6plus) Protection; Tested at a Zero Degree Angle of obliquity or perpendicular to the surface. Armor to exceed Level C, US State Dept specifications. Vertical and roof armor is 1/4" ballistic steel.

• All doors, complete firewall, roof rails, headers, pillar posts, sail panels, crown, front & rear headers affecting the passenger compartment armored with high hardness steel or high strength alloy

• Overlaps at all steel joints.

• Head shot protection around each door

• Flooring is Armored with High Strength / Mill Spec. High Hardened Steel Providing protection against M67 (US Ordnance) Anti Personnel Fragmentation Grenades; to include reinforcements at all Seat Mounting Points

• HD manufactured door hinges replace OEM hinges allowing the doors to open much wider

• Reinforced "A" & "B" Pillars to support the Supreme hinges

• All OEM Glass is replaced with GKN or Isoclima 40/41mm Curved & Flat Multilayered Polycarbonate Low-Spall Ballistic Glass

• Front Driver Window to be partially operable 6-8 inches approx.

• OEM front and rear bumper with NO grille guard (Optional)

• Self sealing fuel tank with foam inserts or steel protection

• Engine Computer and Fuse Box is armored

• Tail Pipe Screen Protection

• Tailgate lift gate rises to open. Rear bulkhead with single door and view glass