Barakat Industrial Park Of Basra Iraq


Assembled Homes And Offices Etc........

Double Rooms With Desks, Bathroom, Shower, Kitchen Sinck

Single Room With Bathroom, Shower, Living Space

Double Room With Bathroom


Description of the container house

1. ISO standard for container, convenient to transport and hoist,

2. According to need to combine willfullyeasy to assemble and disassemble,  repetitive to use.

3. Platelet combination design, product connected science, light steel flexible structural system

4. It has forklift channel, power connection plug, distribution board,

exhaust fan, standard window and door. wall adopts EPS color steel sandwich panel, smooth surface. waterproof, sound-insulated, heat preservation, seal, acid proof,  easy to clean and maintain.

5. Size (20 feet standard)        external dimension(L/W/H)6055X2435X2636mm  

6. The body of the container's top and bottom are high strength steel sheet bended,  no  pollution when construction, ISO standard for container, you can choose single one, also you can combine more containers together,  easy to transport, Suitable for highway, train, sea and air. It has widely used in over seas, it has the scene hoisting to take place, easy to assemble, move fast and conveniently, can turnover many times and long usage life etc…, container house adopts the international advanced design idea, using military production technology and craft to conform the quality, provide the more comfortable motion work and lodging environment for user. It has a good application in the office, headquarters, the conference room, the staff dormitory, prefabricated store, prefabricated school, prefabricated hotel and factory.