Barakat Industrial Park Of Basra Iraq


Rigid Global Buildings


A member of KG Consortium and Barakat Park meet in Houston, Texas on Jan 28, 2011, to sign a memorandum with Mr. Alex Ghodsi, the Chairman of the Board of Rigid Global Buildings. The memorandum involved the purchase of three factories including a metal building factory, a structural factory and a component plant all of which will be installed in Basra, Iraq. Upon completion these factories will be able to produce 250 buildings a month. That productivity level will not only be able to supply all the buildings needed to rebuild Iraq, but it will also be sufficient to turn the country into a metal building exporter of the middle east and the surrounding region. Rigid Global Buildings will allow for the development of commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, warehouses, high rises, mid rises, condominiums, cold storages, low price one bedroom and two bedroom houses, shopping centers, retailers, refineries, etc. These new buildings will yield an estimate of 100 to 150 million dollars in yearly sales.

These businesses will not only create thousands of jobs, but will also put the surrounding business people to work including concrete workers, plumbers, electricians, tile installers, stone workers, roofers, door and window installers and makers, carpenters, and climate controllers. These plans will ultimately impact all construction related businesses. 


While Rigid Global Buildings are manufacturing the factories in Iraq, they are also contracting the following projects:


80 Room Hotel

Office Building

Apartment Rental

Low price one bedroom and two bedroom houses

Cold Storage for produce and meet at 70,000 square feet

Warehouse for general merchandise distribution

Mini Storages

Mini Bazaar Warehouses for small business and distributors 


Video: Barakat Park contract signing event with Mr. Alex Ghodsi the Chairman of the Board of Rigid Global Buildings for building developments and infrastructure in Basra, Iraq.


Video Part 1:  Interview with Mr. Alex Ghodsi, Chairman of the Board of Rigid Global Building, about the metal building factory which will be setup in Basra, Iraq. The plant's benefit, plant's production, and its effect in Iraq and all of middle eastern region are also discussed.


Video Part 2: Interview with Mr. Alex Ghodsi


Video: Visiting the factory where all the structural and metal components of buildings are made.


Video: Tour of the factory where all the metal and beams and welded.


Video: Visiting the gutter and roofing department who manufacture all building accessories.


Video: Visiting the paneling manufacturer of Rigid Global Building where all building panels and walls are made.


Video: Visiting the automated welding machine that welds thousands of feet of metal sheets and beams a day.