Barakat Industrial Park Of Basra Iraq


Barakat Park Desalinization, Reverse Osmosis And Water Purification Plant, Bottling Plant

These plants will server all the Barakat Park water needs. The plant is designed initially to purify 300,000 G.P. From this Output 150,000 G.P will be used for “Utility Water” and manufacturing needs. The remaining 150,000 G.P. will go through the second stage that will include Ultra Violet treatment to make high purity and quality drinking and bottled water. Also, the used water for Textile Dye and other plants will be pumped back to be filtered and used as Utility Water. The sludge and sewer will also be treated in this plant as well. Again, this plant will be designed as fully contained expandable modules that are ready to be installed in few days and operational.


In the same building we will have bottling plant to bottle drinking water, juices and soda. Two water outlets will be piped to outside of Barakat Park for the public general use free of the charge. The people can take their containers to this water pump outlets to take high quality purified water free of the charge as part of Barakat Park’s on going community services. We have designed an extensive Community Services as outreach to the community in order to inform them we are part of the community.

Required Land: 100,000 Sq. Ft. Building: 50,000 Sq. Ft.