Barakat Industrial Park Of Basra Iraq


Barakat Park Retail Discount Store


It is 20,000 Sqare Feet building Located on 40,000 square land 1,000 watt electricity 200 gallons water a day.

A discount store is a type of department store, which sells products at prices lower than those asked by traditional retail outlets. Most discount department stores offer a wide assortment of goods; others specialize in such merchandise as jewelry, electronic equipment, or electrical appliances. Discount stores are not variety stores, which sell goods at a single price-point or multiples thereof ($2, etc.). Discount stores differ from variety stores in that they sell many name-brand products, and because of the wide price range of the items offered. Discount stores are more popular in the world than other countries. Following World War II, a number of retail establishments began to pursue a high-volume, low-profit-margin strategy designed to attract price-conscious consumers.