Barakat Industrial Park Of Basra Iraq


Members of Barakat Industrial Park were invited on behalf of Defence Department and (TFBSO) Task Force For Business Stability to visit Afghanistan on December 2010 for business opportunities and investment.

The deliration visited the main two city in Afghanistan which were Kaboul and Hearat, during the trip the they were visited government agency, business, factories, business people in different trade and get familiar with the need of the city and gather information for startup the Barakat Industrial Park

The highline of the trip was visiting Honorable U.S General David Petraeus while accompanied by Honorable U.S. Deputy Under Secretary Of Defence and Director of Task Force For Business Stability and Honorable Director and Board Member of EXIM Bank and receiving Medallion For Excellence.

Traveling with Honorable U. S. Deputy Under Secretary Of Defense and Director of Task Force For Business Stability operation it is not only an honor it is life time achievement and his vision and advises made the delegation to have better understanding and be directed to the right path.

Being next to Honorable Mr Kian Member Board Of Directors of EXIM Bank every day it a honor and following him every day and listing and learning his experience and his vision is another trip of life time.

Visiting ISAF head quarter coffee shop, game room, bazaar and the soldiers was one of the interesting event.


Video:  Visitong the swap meet market: htt

Being invited to Honorable Dr. Ashraf Qhanie Ex candidate for presidency of Afghanistan for dinner and listening to his vise views, experience, guideline, plan and future of Afghanistan is what you do not see on news and TV's.


Video: Being honred to be invisted to Dr. Qhanie house for dinner

Being invited to the Mayer of Kaboul and listing to the Mayer of the city which is design for 500,000 people but has 5,000,000 population and challenges they facing for a city which was in war for years is a experience.
Being in the office of city manager of Kaboul and trying to find out the need of the city is a big story.

Visiting the land in one of the best location of Kaboul for building the five start hotel and also visited the business in Kaboul and discussing the possibilities  of the business exiting and future opportunities.


Video: Kaboul businessman head quarter

Been invited to the office of mister of Industries and learning about exiting and future industries of Kaboul.

Be invited to the Hearat Governors office and enouncing the Barakat Industrial Park plan for media conference which broadcast all over the Afghanistan and presenting a building to city of Hearat as a gift and the good intension of the Barakat park and also announcing donation of a concert of Miss Lila Frouhar for the city of Hearat.



Video: Pre Governor Press Conference Meeting:


Video: Governor Press Conference :

Been invited to the Mayor of Heart office and announcing the Barakat Industrial Park and the industries which existed in the park.


Video: Heart  Afghanistan Mayor Office:

Been invited to the Commerce center and visited different business man in different trade and discussing the potential and benefit of Barakat Industrial Park and learning the need of the business in Afghanistan.


Video: Hearat Afghanistan Trade Center.

Visited the Afghanistan Building Association and discussing the benefit of the Barakat Industrial Park and how the industries in Barakat Park industries can help the growth of the city.

Exiting industries in the park like the Metal building Plan, Power Plant, Water Plant,Concrete Mixing Plant and other can be a right arm to build the city which was in war for years to be build faster and more reliable.

Visited Export Promotion Agency Of Afghanistan and finding the different product and merchandise are available in Afghanistan for export and helping the export opportunities.

Visited the Qalat City which is the Alexander's The Greats Castle which is being paid by U.S. government to be renovating.


Video: Qalat City Alexander's The Great Castle.

Visiting the Super Cola factory which product is distributed in all Afghanistan and visualizing how new business can be successful and productive and seeing how easy can produce job for country which 50% to 60% are out of job.


Video: Visiting the Factory :

Visiting other factories such as cookies manufacturing, water botteling, Ice Cream factoring and Fruit Jouce paking plant.\


Videao:  Cookies Factory: