Barakat Industrial Park Of Basra Iraq


Investors Iraq on Wednesday 15/12/2010 11:06  and Al-Basrah published:
Basra Investment Commission and the Iranian American Delegation from Los Angeles sign a joint memorandum 
setting up the modern city of Barakat Industrial Park in Basra, Iraq.


AL-Basrah Elecrtonic News Papare:

The Basra Investment Commission headquarters, formerly known as Saddam Hussein's Castle in Basra. The Basra Investment Commission was established under the Iraqi Investment Law to promote and oversee investments in Iraq. They grant Investment licenses, identify and secure strategic business opportunities, and guarantee the provisions of the Investment Law. 

The Basra Investment Commission created a forum of speakers and interested businessmen from their country to discuss the creation of Barakat Industrial Park. Among many aspects of the project, they began by discussing the experienced business parties involved. The wealth of successful businessmen and their dedication to their work in Iraq has began to blaze a new trail for this country. The deliberations continued to include the developmental benefits of Barakat Park for a country that has suffered incredible turmoil and military upheaval in most of its recent years. As conference members continued to plan the future of Iraq, it was evident that the unified vision of endless possibilities for a country with many resources is propelling this project into motion. The Basra Investment Commission now residing in the Palace of Saddam Hussein is a physical demonstration of the changes to be made for the Iraqi people. Now there stands a team of visionaries who have formulated a plan with the best interest of both the Iraqi people and the businessmen of Barakat Park in mind. In this mutual enterprise a country will flourish to appease the troubles in Iraq and give it a chance in the world market, empowering the Iraqis with a new lifestyle and rewarding the visionaries with profitable outcomes. 


Video: Bara Investment Commission and Businessmen.

Basra Investment Commission held a conference with a coalition of U.S. companies, Barakat Park and Businessmen Union and the Federation of Industries and Chamber of Commerce in Basra to identify the investment environment and sign a memorandum of understanding that facilitating the establishment of a world-class modern city called Barakat Park.

The President of the Coalition Fred Afshar told the newspaper Basra Electronic, "Preliminary design of the city's industrial trade in Basra (Barakat Park) would import services and manufactured products in America, in addition, providing various types of services to assist in the training and rehabilitation of local employment for the purposes of development planned in the the province. "

He added that, "The plans of our projects need local partners qualified from the city of Basra and committed to participate in capital projects and to ensure the protection of economic and material for the investment project." Afshar also stated, "We are looking for an active partner to join forces and be a link to complete our projects and facilitate the coming of all our partners from the U.S. who can be relied upon to support the economy of Basra."

Haider Ali Fadel the chairman and engineer of Basra Investments said in an interview with Al-Basra Electronic, "The ability of the Authority to facilitate the requirements of the city project Barakat Park and the implementation of the plans licensed are in place, and we will provide facilities and administrative follow-up not exceeding 45 days to start the project." These affirmations reveal Fadel's support along with Basra's governor Dr. Cltag Abboud Mayah's support through allocation of land in order to set up such this modern city.


Video: Basra Investment Commission signed memorandum of understanding for allocate a land and a site for building Barakat Industrial Park

Being honor to visit the Holiness Emam Of Basra who is one of the most influential and respected religious leader in Iraq and region with over millions follower in his Mosque.

Sign mutual agreement between Holiness Emam and the Barakat Park is his blessing for success of the Barakat Park in Basra to crate over 50,000 job in the Basra.

Meeting on the boat which once being the Sadam Hosain Boat and it is restaurant now with the most successful business men which would be possible partners on the


Viedeo: Visiting and introducing the member  of Barakat Park with Potential partner.

Discussing with proper authority which showing the delegation the location the land which is being allocated to the Barakat Park facilities.
Visiting exiting five star hotel in Basra.
Camp which delegation spend night in and the British security gurads.
24 Hour security forces around the camp.