Barakat Industrial Park Of Basra Iraq


Barakat Industrail Park of Basra Iraq

  Manufacturer Metal Building Structural ManufacturerMetal Building Panels   Engineering, IT     Trucking    
          Drafting, Rendering   Refigerated Terminal  
  Size 100K             Size 100K             Size 30K     Size 50K    
  Manufaturer Dye House         Manufacturer nitting     Manufatur Manufacturer Paper Product        
  Size 75K             size 30K       Size 30K Size 100k                
  Manufacturer House Hold Products   Manufacturer Water Desentisation   Manufacturer                
  Injection Molding   Water Botteling Plant        
  Size 100K             Size 75K             Size:? Future                
  Power Plant             Freezer               Wholesale Merchandise And Dry Goods    
      Wholesaler Meat, Pouletry,Sea food        
      Wholesale Produce        
  Size 20K             Size 100K             Size 50 K                
  WareHouse             Warehouse             Warehouse                
  Size?K             Size ?K             Size ?K                
  Emergecy Room       Out   Diagnostic       Dialysis Vascular And Heart     Maternity  
      Patient Cat Scan       Onocology        
  Size 30K       Size 30K Size 20K       Size 20K Size30K       Size30K  
  Medical Building       Office Hotel         Retail Food Court:                
      Building     Drug Store Kabab, Italian, Hamburger, Hot Dog    
                  Irqi, Spanish, Chinesse, International    
  Size 40K       Size 40K Size 50K       Size 15K Size 20K                
     Shopping      Shopping    Resturants        Shopping    Shopping          Shopping  
  Bed And Bath   Hardware Iraqi   Jewelery Clothing   Super Market  
  Stationery Store   Lugage   Italian   Furniture Sport Ware   Jumbo Grocery  
  Book Store   Hand bag American   Electronics Sporting Goods Dollar Store    
  Party Goods       Mexican   Gift   Houseware        
          Medaterian       Kitchenware        
  Size 30K   Size30K   Size 30K   Size 30K Size 30K   Size 30k    
Business In the Park: Manufacturer Wholesale Distribution
Services    Metal Building Structual    Warehouses
   Health Care    Metal Building Panels    Freezer Meat and Poletery
   Medical Building    Metal Building Engineering    Produce Vegeatable Fruit
   Danostic MRI Cat Scan X Ray    Metal Bilding Truking    Merchandise And Dry Goods

   Heart And Vascular

   Nitting    Electronics
   Onocology    Dye House
   Dialysis    Garment And  Apparel
   Maternity    House Hold Plastics Injections
   Medical Building    Water Bottel
   Office Building    Razor Blades
   Hotel    Paper Product
   Office Building
   Power Suply
   Refigerated truck Terminal
Amenities Retail Shopping Center Resturents:
   School    Discount Store    Iraqi
   Play Ground    Super Market    Italian
   Day Care Center    Donut Shop    American
   Security    Electrinc Store    French
   Fire Dept    Gift Store    Mediterranean
   Jewelery Store    Indian
   Sporting Goods    Japanese
   Clothing Store    Greek
   Sportware Store    Mexican
   Funiture Store    Chineese
   Shoe Store
   Drug Store Food Court:
   Lugage and Hand bag    Kabab
   Bed And Bath    Shawarma And Gyros
   Stationery Book Store    Hamberger
   Hardware    Pizza
   Barber Shop    Hot Dog
   Hair Salon    Sanwich and Wraps
   Bridal    Teriaki Chicken
   Housware Kitchen Wear    Rotisseri Chicken
   Pary Supply Store    Chineese
   Salad Bar