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InterServ, L.P. remains one of the premier general contractors who specialize solely in hotel renovations, contracting work nationwide from our main offices in Los Angeles, California. We either hold our own licenses or have qualifying agents available allowing us to work in all 50 states.

We have built strong relationships with our many sub-contractors who travel the country with us to perform renovations for our customers. In compliance with licensing requirements in individual states, we have long-lasting relationships with many MEP contractors state-by-state that support our efforts as needed. The vast majority of InterServ, L.P.’s sub-contractors work only for us. The direct benefit to our customers from this exclusivity is that we have a team of excellent quality, highly experienced personnel that have a proven record of performance, discipline, and attention to detail that we can place on any job coast to coast. Many of our projects are carried out in operating properties and many of our current and repeat customers find great comfort and security in knowing that an experienced team is taking care of them. Hotels and Resorts are all that we do!

            Nearly a decade ago, InterServ, L.P. founded a separate division that performs union-staffed general construction services for our clients within New York City. We maintain an office in the city staffed by InterServ, L.P. team members who are dedicated solely to our operations in Manhattan. Our management staff is comprised of highly seasoned construction professionals with a wealth of hospitality-based union construction experience. Our team is supported by our large pool of dedicated sub-contractors. These time-served tradesmen and tradeswomen are an integral part of InterServ, L.P.’s success in delivering our quality product to our customers on time. We out-paced our competition in the city by producing impeccable quality hospitality renovations delivered on a schedule that meets our client’s needs. We have completed some of the highest-profile properties in New York City for a wide variety of clients.


Whether on a union or a non-union basis, we have worked tirelessly over the last two-plus decades to develop InterServ, L.P. into a brand. When our customers think about high-quality, fast-track hotel renovations – there is but one company to call – InterServ!




Hilton Harbor Island, San Diego, CA

Hilton Hotel, Burbank, CA

Hilton Hotel, Glendale, CA

Hilton Hotel Warner Center, CA

Hilton Hotel, Los Angeles, CA

Hilton Hotel, Parsippany, NJ

Hilton Hotel, Sherman Oaks, CA

Holiday Inns (over 40 nationwide)

Howard Johnson Hotel (15 nationwide)

Hyatt Hotel, Westlake Village, CA

Hyatt Monterey, Monterey, CA

Hyatt on Sunset, West Hollywood, CA

Hyatt Regency Hotel, Dallas, TX

Hyatt Regency Hotel, Lexington, KY

Hyatt Regency Hotel, Long Beach, CA

Hyatt Regency Hotel, Savannah, GA

Hyatt Regency Denver

J.W. Marriott, Century City, CA

L’Auberge de Sedona, Sedona, AZ

La Quinta Inn, (over 12 nationwide)

Le Meridien Hotel, Dallas, TX

Le Meridien Hotel, New Orleans, LA

London West Hollywood,CA

London New York, New York, NY

Marriott Hotel (over 25 nationwide)

Maxwell House Hotel, Nashville, TN

Millennium Broadway, New York, NY

Millennium Hilton, New York, NY

Regal Bostonian, Boston, MA

Regal Millennium, Boulder, CO

Regal Millennium, Cincinnati, OH

Regal Millennium, Minneapolis, MN

Regal Millennium, St. Louis, MO

Renaissance Hotel, Long Beach, CA

Mondrian Hotel, West Hollywood, CA

Omni Hotel, Baltimore, MD

Paramount Hotel, Scottsdale, AZ

Radisson Hotel, Milwaukee, WI

Radisson Hotel, New Orleans, LA

Radisson Plaza Hotel, CA
Raleigh Hotel, Miami Beach, FL

Ramada Inn, San Francisco Airport

Red Lion Inn, Bellevue, WA

Red Lion Inn, Port Angeles, WA

Regal Biltmore, Los Angeles, CA

St. Regis Hotel, Los Angeles, CA

Sheraton Denver, Denver, CO

Sheraton Four Points, Buffalo, NY

Sheraton Fairplex, Pomona, CA

Sheraton Hotel, Cerritos, CA

Sheraton Hotel, Corpus Christi, TX

Sheraton Hotel, Nashua, NH

Sheraton-Ferncroft Resort, Danvers, MA

Sheraton-Universal Hotel, CA

Shore Club, Miami Beach, FL

Thompson Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA

TraveLodge Downtown, Seattle, WA

TraveLodge University, Seattle, WA

W French Quarter, New Orleans, LA

W Hotel, New Orleans, LA

W Los Angeles Westside, Los Angeles, CA

W Times Square, New York, NY

Westin Century Plaza, Los Angeles, CA

Westin LAX, Los Angeles, CA

Westin Long Beach, Long Beach, CA

Westin Pasadena, Pasadena, CA

Westin South Coast Plaza, CA

Wyndham Gardens (over 10 nationwide)




InterServ, L.P. was founded in 1986 by Paul Resnick and UdiRosha. From its creation, InterServ has been a company with a strong reputation for integrity, teamwork, and dedication to our clients. ‘Do what you say you are going to do’ is one of our founding principles that speaks directly to our core values and dedication to our customers and their needs.


As the recognized leader in our field, InterServ, L.P. has performed construction and renovation services for nearly every major brand and every segment within the hospitality industry such as limited service, full service, extended stay, hotel condo, boutique hotels, luxury, and resort properties. We have provided renovation services for our customers’ assets ranging from basic hotel properties all the way to five star/ five diamond rated hotels and resorts- including some of the most highly-designed projects being brought online today.




InterServ, L.P. has charted exponential growth over the last several years due in large part to our many clients who are repeat customers. The value that InterServ, L.P. delivers to a project- through detailed and thorough bidding, value engineering, accurate scheduling, and execution of the work- is what makes us a leader in our field.


Sustainable growth while providing our customers with the same quality that they demand is our goal- and we are achieving that goal!




If you are one of the unlucky ones who have attempted or suffered through a renovation with an inexperienced contractor, you know how uncomfortable and costly an ordeal that can be. InterServ, L.P. is a specialist. The only type of construction that we perform is within and for hotels and resorts- many still open and operating during the renovation process. We are a top quality production-based contractor that is schedule driven. It is the fact that we specialize in hotels and resorts that allows us to be so successful and a repeat provider of top-quality, on-time renovations to our many repeat customers. Consider the fact that we do not have a dedicated sales team at InterServ, L.P. – we rely only on our repeat customers!


Whether you are single-property owner who demands an experienced contractor or a multi-flagged hospitality lodging conglomerate – one phone call to InterServ, L.P. puts our team of renovation experts to work for you anywhere in the United States.!