Barakat Industrial Park Of Basra Iraq


Ice Making And Packaging Plant

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With the invention of modern refrigeration, the old way of "harvesting" ice disappeared. The end of an era from one ice industry, led the way for the beginning of another: The Packaged Ice Industry.
From very small beginnings, the packaged ice industry grew quickly with consumer demands. The increasing trend towards drinking cooled or chilled beverages, which at one time was unheard of, firmly established the "bag of ice" as a food product that is readily available today in almost every grocery and convenience food outlet. In most cases, these ice companies are able to maintain their usually long established market share for many reasons, with the two primary reasons being:

The extremely high start up costs for ice production, storage, and delivery equipment associated with the business; and,
The seasonal nature of the business combined with the prohibitive high costs of transporting ice over long distances, because of the high weight-to-volume ratio.