Barakat Industrial Park Of Basra Iraq


Barakat Park Manufacturer Of Paper Product  Napkin, Paper Towel, Bath Tissue, etc.

Manufacturer Of Paper Product


It is essential to provide resources to fulfill the basic needs of the people residing in Barakat Park. Paper products have been one of these necessities, and establishing a source to directly contribute to accomplishing this task would be extremely helpful. The advantage of having a home manufacturer will eliminate ay transportation or importation. Some of the items that would be produced in this establishment would be facial  tissues, napkins, and tissue rolls. The success of this division is inevitable and will bring vast amounts of revenue. 

Manufacturere of paper product producing paper towel, bath tissue, napkins, paper tissues, 150,000 square feet building 0n 300,000 square feet land need 3,000 wat electricity and 500 galon water.