Barakat Industrial Park Of Basra Iraq


Barakat Park Wholesale General Merchandise Dry Goods 


We are 50,000 square feet warehouse in 100,000 square feet land which is operated with 50 to 100 employees including 5 delivery trucks and 10 5000 pound fork lift  and 20 pallet jack and complicated computer system and internet site.


Who Are We?
Barekat Wholesale General Merchandise is inspired by Concord Enterprises, Inc. which is over 25 years in business and growing we are one of the largest importer and exporter of the general merchandise. We specialize in merchandise which can be retailed for any kind of stores in United States of America as well as all other countries through out the world. We buy all kind of merchandise from different parts of the world from countries like China, Korea, Mexico, India, etc. Not only we import merchandise over 80% of our inventory are American brand name merchandise which is manufactured and made in America.

Concord Enterprises, Inc. Has grown to become one of America's largest import/export wholesale distributors of general merchandise. We sale thousands of items in many different merchandise categories from hardware to groceries, baby products to cosmetics. We also buy and distribute close outs. We carry name brand products such as Procter & Gamble, Colgate-Palmolive, Gillette, Revlon, Nestle, and M & M.  We have over 10,000 different items for you to choose from.  Because of our huge buying power and enormous warehouse facility, we can offer very competitive prices both here in the United States and all over the world to the many countries we export to.

Concord Enterprises, Inc. has open over 5,000 store and has over 3,000 active customer from 90,000 customer base.


Who we sell to?
We sell to a wide variety of customers other than importer and distributor. We sell to retailers directly too, such as large chain stores, small chains, independent stores, department stores, dollar stores, variety stores, discount stores, grocery chains, independent grocery stores, supermarkets, liquor stores, distributors, wholesalers, importers, jobbers, gift stores, stationery stores, hardware stores and others.


Dollar Free Fall
What does a declining dollar do for you? American products are cheaper this year than last in nations whose money has become more valuable in relation to the dollar. The downturn of this year is different than those of 80's or 90's. It would be ironic to miss this opportunity to expand internationally today. You will miss an outstanding opportunity if you do not take advantage of this momentum built up today in Europe, Asia-Pacific and Middle East by addressing their market needs. This enthusiasm in other countries opens a door to those who can take advantage and deliver the American products in various markets internationally.


Finally, your search is over at Concord, we are one stop shop for the business owners for nearly 25 years. The American made merchandise is lot cheaper and lot more affordable and there is no question about the quality and reliability of the American made products. The popularity and the quality of American made products results in increased sales and profit which are 100% result of the American merchandise. Every importer, exporter, wholesaler, distributor, retailer and reseller knows that American merchandise is a major contributor in boosting their bottom line. Our international customers where not able to accomplish this before because of high cost of American products but now these products are very competitive in the global market.

The Dollar Value
The reduction in US Dollar value has made so may economist in the world worried but this is a great news for our international customers. As the dollar falls to the all time low against the major currencies, the more opportunities are created for business owners through out the world. As the value of the dollar declines, it makes U.S. produced goods cheaper and more competitive when compared to foreign produced goods. For years we have been successful in exporting and in some years over 70% of our business was export to other countries and now days we are going to see the highest benefit from this declining dollar. What is happening in world economy is having direct effect increasing the demand for our merchandise and product reduction and afford ability of our merchandise. Increase of oil prices has increased income of oil producing countries such and Middle East and Venezuela and Mexico, this event had direct increase in the middle class and afford ability. Also technology and education and has increased the income of some other countries such as China, India, Vietnam and this effect has increase the middle class in those countries which is again increase in their afford ability and spending ability of the income which again has positive effect increase of demand in American merchandise.


Our Export Market
Over 25 years we have been exporting merchandise all over the world, it is difficult to find a country we have not exported any merchandise during the years we have been in business. We are exporting merchandise to 6 continents, to name just the few countries: Asia: Middle East countries like Dubai, UAE, Lebanon, Sadie Arabia, Syria, Korea china, Mongolia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Philippines. North America: Canada, Mexico, Caribbean island South and Central America: Honduras, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Venezuela, Chile, Salvador, Brazil, Argentina, Panama Europe: England, France, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Greece Eastern Europe Russia, Ukraine, Romania Africa: Kenya, Morocco South Africa, Algeria, Nigeria, Egypt South Pacific: Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, American and Western Samoa, Fiji, Tahiti, Guam, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea

Some of the countries mentioned above also have free ports (free trade zone). Our customers benefit tremendously from these free zones. To name just a few zones here is a list of those countries; Argentina- Zona Franca La Plata, Bermuda- Free port of Hamilton Harbour, Hamilton, Brazil- Zona Franca de Manaus, Chile Iquique, Dominican Republic- Mega Port of Punta Caucedo, Nicaragua- Managua Zona Franca (Free Port) Panama- Col�Uruguay- Carrasco International Airport (Free Port) Zona Franca de Montevideo Zona Franca Colonia.


Our Line of Merchandise
We carry wide variety line of merchandise and product for all kind of department for your wholesale business or your store. Just to name few anchor categories which are as follows: Apparel, automotive, food such as can food beverages, candies, cleaning product, disposable, electronic, health and beauty, foot ware, glass ware, hardware, kitchen and dinning, gift and novelty, stationery, pet products, etc..


Branded Merchandise
Other than imported merchandise we carry wide variety of American brand merchandise (each countries has different rules and regulation for importing the branded merchandise and you have to know all the regulation before importing certain item to your country, please check with your customs or port authority for more information).


Why should I buy imported merchandise from Los Angeles!
In these 25 years so many customers ask us over and over why we should they buy the imported merchandise from Concord, isn't�t that cheaper to buy from China directly and cut the middle man and the cost?


These are some reason why it is more reason able to buy from us:

A. Expertise: Been in business for so many years has given us the accumulation of the experience and knowledge which make us more expert in purchasing and what to buy and what not to. There are so many items which will not sell and our research team has identified those items for last 25 years. The customer may not be aware of those items and the experience is the only way of eliminating the mistake.

B. Shipping Hub: Los Angeles is the depot of merchandise, for this reason the freight charges to Los Angeles is more reasonable in so many cases compare to other countries.

C. Negotiation Power: Because of our buying power we are able to buy and get better price on quantity price compare to others.

D. Variety: We have over 10,000 item in stock and customer needs to buy variety of the merchandise to sell and you have the advantages to load your container with so many different items. We have seen some time the customer have 500 to 1,000 items in one container and if they want this variety in any other country and be able to load in one container it is impossible considering each item is coming from different countries and different manufacturer and consolidation of these variety is practically impossible and so expensive and increase the cost so high which is not feasible to do.

E. Cost Factor: Even if you are able to buy all merchandise directly then the cost of importation and freight is so high and filing for custom and getting release for each item is so high which make it near impossible but when you buy all in one shipment the filing for release of custom and freight would be so reasonable.

F. Simple: Importing merchandise to USA is easy and there is not much custom duty on item and some times even it is duty free for preferred countries therefore you are not being taxes double. In some cases the import duty is like 2% which in $0.50 item the duty is $0.01 which is so minimal.


Dollar Store Business Model

You got the keys to the perfect location. Next, you need to determine the business model. The most popular is the dollar only store, dollar variety store, or dollar general store. It is challenging to open a true dollar store in the current economic climate. Therefore, entrepreneurs are opening the hybrid dollar store (dollar variety).This model has all the excitement of a true dollar store. The store typically sells 50% of the items for $1 dollar. The rest of the items are value priced. In this model, stores have latitude to bring a larger variety of merchandise and offer more value to the consumer. Everyone wins! The customer gets more value while the store owner turns a higher profit.


Open New Store

If you are looking to start a new business in the dollar store, retail industry, you came to the right place! This business (like any other) is about profitability. Therefore, keep in mind some crucial ingredients to put in your recipe for success.

Location is the key for a successful retail venture. Always consult with your local commercial real estate agent and get the proper demographics on available store locations. Cover your bases and ask for statistics on successful businesses in the area. Do your homework. Find the best possible operating scenario. There are many strategies. Open your store in a large development. Get next to a high profile chain store and piggyback off the heavy traffic. Be the only game in town! Once you find the right spot, negotiate the most advantageous payment possible. Your location and operating cost will determine your dollar stores success and ability to turn a profit!


We Can Help

There are several options for starting a dollar store. Franchise, turnkey, member affiliates, these options can be convenient but costly! The more money spent on set up cost leaves less to spend on inventory (revenue). Once you obtain a building, fax your store dimensions to the local store fixture company. They can provide a free professional schematic and estimate. Then negotiate your price. Once you agree, and the fixtures are on the way, its time to order inventory. Go to and review our vast online catalog. We are confident you will make the better choice for Concord to supply your merchandise. Send us your schematic and small deposit for our recommended opening inventory exclusively for your demographic. This way, you can focus on the operating details. We been supplying dollar stores for over 23 years, we know what were doing!  Use our expertise to start in the right direction. Here at CONCORD ENTERPRISES, with 28 years of experience in wholesale operation, as being one of the largest direct importers and providers of deep discount quality goods to wholesale and retail industry, have gained valuable experience. Now, we have combined this valuable experience with the knowledge and know how of other experts to come up with a new and totally unique concept in creating retail division that can assist our patrons with one stop center to answer all retail operation needs. The new CONCORD RETAIL DIVISION is ready to give assistance to our patrons at all levels. By providing assistance/advise in store locations, lease negotiations, technical assistance, store layout/schematic designs, store fixture and shelving selections, POS system, training, product selection and any other needs our patrons may have. In addition to above, we have created a Joint Venture program for Domestic and International patrons who wish to open new stores in United States and abroad. Through, this Joint Venture programs our total experience and abilities are combined with qualified patron's ability to form a strong retail operation/team that works. As mentioned, 28 years of serving wholesale and retail industry here and in overseas has given us the unique prospective of what works in the retail industry. We are putting this know how and our wholesale business to assure success of our new retail operations. If you are interested to change your business, start new business, obtain business visa to work in and stay in US please, fill out the enclosed form. Let us hear from you and discuss what is the best route for your success. We are your one stop center to address all your needs. No job is too small for us. Lets create a new and exciting retail operation together!