Barakat Industrial Park Of Basra Iraq


Mini Storages, Cold Storage, (Containers) Etc...

A new concept of Barakat Park is using old trailers and turning them into cold storages. These cold storages are very affordable. Since they are so affordable and mobile they will be easy to use in any where such as farms, backyard, disaster areas and can be used for vegetable, fruites, pouletery, meat, etc.....

The most advantage and beauty of these containers are in so many places it does not require to have a city permit and governmental permit and it does not require to have solid concrete foundation and does not require any preparation, practically can be drop off any where and be ready to go.


We offer specialized services in handling 20' Cold Container, with temperature range between 15°C and 0°C, which is  suited for fresh product storage or transportation.

The temperature range can go between 15°C to 0°C, which can be designed for fresh product storage and transportation.

PU panel is good at chemical resistance, waterproof, anti-corrosion, insect-free etc. And it can keep the temperature steady.

This type of cold container is much less expensive than the traditional ones. As it is installing a cold room in a container.


Refrigeration unit

We use Copeland compressor to make operation more steady.

Famous brand components promise the unit good quality.

Our units are Freon free as we use R404a.

Automatically hot air defrost system can complete its task much faster than the tranditional ways.



The panel is durable in use. Color lasting and coated layer keeping.

The connection of our cold room is with cam lock and excentric fasterners for tight

Material of the panel's surface can be : Color steel, Stainless steel, embossed aluminu.

The thickness of PU panel can be 75mm, 100mm, 120/125mm, 150mm, 200mm.



The door is using silicone, tightly avoid temperature running off.

Door style: hand door

There is safe lock inside, in case someone was trapped.


Panels are manufactured with fiberglass ravings and thermoses polyester resins that offer enhanced tear and puncture resistance when compared to other frp products. The panels are acrylic modified and UV stabilized for resistance to weather and chemicals. Our high-impact strength translucent panel, ETR, has a full width woven roving for additional strength.

Improve Productivity and Safety

·        Increases visibility inside cargo area

·        Safer and more efficient loading of cargo

·        Superior Impact & Tear Resistance

·        Engineered fabric panel is stronger than other frp materials

·        Can be repaired faster and more effectively than aluminum

Lower Weight

·        Increased payload and back haul flexibility

·        Average weight savings of 15% vs. aluminum roofs

For all box: Panel is fiberglass, middle is polyurethane, sandwich panel structure, thickness can choose ock part is stainless steel.



·        Our technicians at Poseidon are highly skilled in automotive refrigeration. They undergo constant training and assessments to enable us to provide the best service to you.

·        Quality products are used to ensure you receive value for your dollar. durability and reliability is what we provide.

·        Please contact us and discuss your options for the best refrigeration unit for your vehicle.

·        Check these features

·        Electronic in cab control

·        Heavy Duty long life evaporator fan motors

·        Rugged compact evaporator case constructed from marine grade aluminum and secured with stainless steel fasteners.

·        High performance evaporator coil constructed from rifle bore copper tube and alumimium fin.

·        Rugged condenser case constructed from Zinc anneal sheet and electro statically powder coated (twin coat system) for long life.

·        High performance powder coated dual/triple circuit serpentine condenser.

·        Pressure activated high flow dual electric condenser fans.

·        Electrical harness equipped with waterproof connectors.

·        Safety cut out switches for system protection.

·        Product Description Product Description

·        Truck roll-up doors, one of the most competitive products of our company, welcome to visit our web and