Barakat Industrial Park Of Basra Iraq


Portable Homes, Offices, Storages, (Containers) Etc...

A new concept of Barakat Park is using old trailers and turning them into buildings. These buildings, such as homes, schools, storage space, and so on are very affordable, easy to move around, and may be designed to be aesthetically pleasing. Since they are so affordable and mobile they will be easy to use in disaster areas.


The most beauty and advantage of these containers are in so many places it does not require to have a city permit and governmental permit and it does not require to have solid concrete foundation and does not require any preparation, practically can be drop off anywhere and be ready to go.


As homes they will be available to low income households.

Frequent movers will also appreciate the ease at which their home may be moved in its entirety. Cities can easily be created by lining up these trailer homes together forming comfortable neighborhoods. While they evidently provide a wonderful shelter some residents may be pleased to know that they may also be altered to fit their aesthetic preferences. They are equipped with windows and new paneling along with more elaborate decorative changes that add to the variety of a city. For many people a home is a very personal and sacred place as they wish to know that their family will have a comfortable and safe place to sleep at night. With the homes designed by this company we will be able to provide just that at an affordable rate.


While these trailers are great for living space they are also very convenient for office space. Their portability make them very convenient for offices on the construction site. During the building of Barakat Park they may be used in such a fashion, moving to the next construction sites as needed. While their use on a big scale is evident, they may also be used for mini storage to individual homes or businesses. These former trailers may also be used for educational venues. While it may sometimes be difficult to find the transportation to schools, these  affordable and portable buildings allow for the increase of schools located closer to residential areas. Virtually all businesses may take advantage of the space as well, weather they need a showroom for their products or a meeting place for businessmen. Their durability and size require low maintenance and they have the potential to meet everyone’s individual needs.