Barakat Industrial Park Of Basra Iraq


Barakat Park Power Plant

Barakat Power Plant


This is the heart of the operation. The Combustion Associates Inc.;

Are involved in this phase to supply our power needs. They will engineer and design the power Barakat Industrial park needs. Initially, we will start with 3 units of One Mega Watts each fully self contained, dual fuel intake, power generation units to give supply to the contractors working in the building of the park. These units are housed in container and will be set side by side outdoor to supply the initial power needs. As manufacturing plants come on line, we will increase the units or purchase a 10 mega watt s fully self contained unit to compliment the 3 units of One Mega Watt generators we have on site.

According to COMBUSTION ASSOCIATES we can increase our existing power on site by almost 50% if we recapture the exhaust and go to steam generation. This method is under study as per cost effectiveness.


 Power - When you need it, where you need it

The CAI Spirit, a 1.0 Megawatt Turbine-based, Skid mounted, Power Generation system, is a compact, lightweight, fully contained, turbine generating system designed for maximum ease of integration into the various physical and environmental requirements it is placed in.   The Power Turbine is capable of producing enough power to meet the demands of 1,000 average sized homes, industrial business parks and settlement villages in the remotest parts of the world.  

It is designed for use with traditional “spec fuels” such as Natural Gas, Propane and Diesel as well as non-traditional fuels like Biogas or Unprocessed Light Crude Oil. It also provides an excellent heat recovery performance of a turbine, at a cost that is competitive with conventional reciprocating engines generating power.

Power is derived from a highly modified AVCO Lycoming T53 Gas Turbine engine overhauled to CAI specifications. This engine was originally developed by the U.S. government for its applications and, has more than 40 million hours of high historical performance.    

The fuel system and turbine has been designed such that it can be field modified in less than 16 hours for use on any fuels presently available or predicted to be available in the future. This allows the CAI Spirit to maintain its competitive and economic advantage for years, as the fuel situation changes in its environment and new and more economical fuels become available.

Versatility of the CAI Spirit ranges from Commercial applications, like in hotels and hospitals to Industrial applications like food processing and chemical plants.

Benefits of the CAI 1.0 MW Gas Turbine Generator System are as follows:

       Versatility with choice of fuel options like Landfill Methane Gas (LFG), Diesel Oil

       Ability to connect to Heat Recovery Steam Generation (HRSG) Units

       Alternative Fuels (propane, low BTU) capable

       Modular design that is fully-contained with a low weight

       Low NOx emissions and noise levels

       Reduced capital cost

       Reduced operation and maintenance requirements

       Increased electric power generation over competing alternatives

       Designed for continuous 24/7, 365 days duty operation

       Fully automated system

       Remote administration and control monitoring

       Equipment upbraidingly

       Available in 50Hz and 60Hz cycles

       Factory Tested

       Outstanding After-sales service

       50 Years of combined experience in building Power Plants