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Company Background

Always at the forefront of innovation and quality leadership - Super-Max, is a family owned brand that was founded in 1949, and has since grown to become the second largest manufacturer of razor blades in the world, playing a dominating role in many parts of the world. Sold in more than 125 countries today and across all continents -almost 1 in 5 blades used worldwide are Super-Max blades. Innovation continues to be the path to the future and The group continues to invest in leading edge technologies to deliver both outstanding Consumer value and quality.

Our Business

Winners through Technology & Innovation
A unique feature amongst razor blade manufacturer's, Super-Max has installed its own steel rolling mills, thus ensuring that the quality of inputs to the blade making process are only of the best quality. In carrying its business forward, the focus on delivering innovative new products and outstanding value for money has enabled Super-Max to provide strong returns from a category which has traditionally delivered low profitability. By constantly investing in technology and efficiencies, the Company ensures a consistent quality of product, delivering lower prices to the Consumer and higher margins to the retailer.

These advances have led to the launch of the Super-Max 3, the world's First triple blade disposable razor which has taken the group into new markets leading territory. The product which has seen astonishing success in the marketing and major retailers worldwide demonstrates that through right investment in quality, innovation and value comes success. 2005 has highlighted the company's continued dedication to innovation with the launch of a new range of triple blade disposable razors for men and women. Their exclusive Italian design with unique control grip fin ensure maximum Comfort and ease of handling for a great shaving experience.

Competitive Advantage

Super-Max's Competitive Advantage is its personnel commitment, consistent product range quality and continuous investment in leading edge technology.

What's Next

Another innovation from Super-Max in the year 2005 was the launch of the first 4 blade disposable razor dedicated to exclusively women for a smoother more delicate shave. The Company has also developed a range of men's toiletries. The successful introduction of shaving creams, foams and gels is soon to be followed by the introduction of a range of men's and women's body care products. Although the accent remains on quality, the core values of Super-Max's business in providing outstanding Consumer value remains at the forefront of its future.

Did you know the following facts?

  • Super-Max is used by 1 in 5 people in the world
  • Super-Max is the fastest growing shaving brand in the world
  • Super-Max is now sold in more than 125 countries in the world
  • Super-Max is leading innovations since the launch of the world's first triple blade disposable razor