Barakat Industrial Park Of Basra Iraq


Barakat Park Supplier Of Coil And Steel For All Kind Of Business

Barakat Supplier Of Coil And Steel For All Kind Of Business

Purpose Of Company

The steel supply company is a requirement for the two tenants of Barakat Industrial Park. Without having this company to source American steel, supplies to the region is going to task. The supply company being in the same location and having direct weekly meeting with the management of the two companies and having understanding of the operation need of the steel and component companies the supply company can supply company can provide all of the raw material that is needed for this manufacturing goals. Today these types of the products are coming to the region from Russia, Japan, India and China which is undermining the United State mill products export into the region. Having a steel supplier company will make it easier for all the American companies that are doing business in Iraq to write in their specification that material has to be American ASTM.

This company not only will be there to help the factory in the Barakat Park but also will open up a market for American mills.

Volume of Business

The immediate volume of the products obviously is the need for two tenant of Barakat park. Looking at the financial statement of the two companies, the material needed to maintain their monthly operation is bout $4,550,000 for the first three month for the Component Company and $4,500,000 for the first four months of the metal building company. The initial invested and required capital to total $9,050,000