Barakat Industrial Park Of Basra Iraq


Barakat Park Refrigerated Truck Terminal

 Barakat Refrigerated Truck Terminal And Trucking Company

This area will serve as terminal for Commercial trucks serving the industrial park tenants. It is designed to serve the regular and refrigerated trucks and containers for import/export, delivery and distributions, Gas Station, Rest Area (Shower, Quiet Rooms and a restaurant/Snack Bar), Power outlets for refrigerated containers etc.

Required Land 100,000 Sq. Ft. Building: 20,000 Sq. Ft.

Purpose Of The Refrigerated Truck Terminal And Trucking Company

This comply would serve two purpose one is the trucking company and the other is truck stop and terminal.


Trucking Company

The purpose of having trucking company in the Barakat Park is that the first three tenet ( Metal building system, component company, steel supplier company) all have a need for transporting their product and raw material, to the job sites. The trucking company immediately will have customers that can be serviced.

Also as the park grow this trucking company has great potential to grow because of all the manufacturer and wholesaler in the Barekat park and we estimate it can grow 5 to 10 time it size in a 2 years time.

This company require at least 10 Trucks and 40 Flat beds and 4 Small Trucks


Refrigerated Truck Terminal

Because of the freezer, cold storage and wholesale of produce and vegetable in the park the delivery freezer truck they need to have the sufficient parking location with all the necessary utilities