Barakat Industrial Park Of Basra Iraq


Barakat Park Manufacture Bottling Drinking Water

The water plant will require us to provide imaginative solutions to worldwide drinking water needs. Fresh water supplies are diminishing and the technology currently being used to treat fresh water supplies is inadequate to be applied to more challenging brackish or raw seawater.

Therefore, new and innovative solutions must come forward.

Attempts have been made by several companies to attack this problem head-on but have fallen short in key areas such as

equipment longevity,

minimum maintenance,

self-cleaning capabilities, and finally

the ability to produce purified water inexpensively directly from seawater

which can be used for high purity drinking purposes.

The following pictures illustrate systems which meet all of these important criteria...they are available and operational NOW... and ready to be rapidly implemented wherever water needs are critical.

These advanced systems can be installed in durable and rapidly constructible shore facilities or in mobile or transportable configurations for rapid deployment and setup(less than 2 hours) to areas where critical water needs need to be met(hurricanes, tsunami, earthquakes, etc.).

Many variants of this technology are available, from commercial or military systems which can not only purify raw seawater but automatically bag the purified water product in hundreds of thousands of disposable plastic bags per day to full integration with advanced, renewable energy sources such as wind power which can supply hundreds of kilowatts of power for such an operation.

The result is: pure water, anywhere, from any source, with or without fossil fuel energy supplies, in bottles produced on site or in disposable bags.

It is the leading design of seawater plants in the world.

It has top quality, best price, excellent functions, full
automation, combines advanced double pass reverse osmosis
technology, ozone technology, ultraviolet technology, high
pressure technology, precision instrument technology,
computer fully automatic control PLC technology, automatic
mechanical filtration technology, chemical dosing technology
with industrial artistry, making it the system that fits the most difficult and demanding
special commercial, industrial or military customer requirements.


It has the following advantages:


1)       The standard system is an individual DPSWRO module. The feed seawater is delivered by submersible pump from seaside beach well then passes through a mechanical filter, sediment filter, chemical dosing, first high pressure pump, high pressure booster, first pass reverse osmosis system, storage tank, second booster pump, second sediment filter, second high pressure pump and the second pass reverse osmosis system.

2)     The result is that, the 100% double pass RO module can guarantee to produce very high quality water. The product TDS will be less than 30 ppm or
sometimes even less than 10 ppm (mg/l), suitable for utility, drinking and even bottling operations.

Each individual module is equipped with individual ozone and ultraviolet systems Therefore, individual module can remove carcinogens, viruses, bacteria and dangerous chemicals from water sources, and can protect customers and users from harmful contaminants.

The 100% very high quality, safe drinking water brings good health, beautiful skin and better appearance to the tourists when used in vacation areas with poor water.

It also brings less chlorinated, high quality, healthier water to swimming pools; creates more
beautiful gardens and golf courses for the premium hotels or families.

People drink high quality, safe drinking water from any faucet; swim and bath in bottled water quality water.

(2) Simpler to build seawater intakes and reject systems by drilling small beach or inland brackish wells ( Diameter 6 inch ~ 8 inch ) for water intake and reject. In this way the intake and reject systems are simpler, cheaper, easier to maintain, and cleaner feed water .

3) Use of automatic mechanical filters instead of large multimedia filter to have a more functional and easier maintained pre treatment system.

4) Low salt concentration in the saline reject returned to the sea; less need for chemicals to prevent precipitation of salts on the membranes; longer life of the membranes.

5) The standard module is installed on a moveable strong frame. All functions are tested and pre-commissioned at manufacturing facility, which makes it possible to complete the entire installation, commissioning and operator-moduleing process
within one week of delivery at customer location.

6) Each individual module can be serviced at different time, so the production of the whole plant is guaranteed continuously.

7) The plants can be operated fully automatically. Only a minimum of maintenance is required. As an option, remote control system for off- site monitoring and control is available.

8) High energy efficiency. Power consumption of 302,400 Gallon per day plant is:
3.4~4.0 kwh/Cubic Meter. One cubic meter of water is equivalent to 264 US gallons. At 5 cents per KWH, the cost per gallon for the highest quality water from the double pass system is approximately 0.1 cent(US) per US gallon.

10) Expected life time of the plant is 20 years or more.